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  1. BTCJ2021 BITCOIN FUTURES (APR 2021) 20210503.00. 61980.00. -2.89%. -1845.00. 64000.00. 60165.00. Buy. BTCK2021 BITCOIN FUTURES (MAY 2021
  2. Expand your choices for managing cryptocurrency risk with new CME Ether futures. Manage price risk exposure to the rapidly growing cryptocurrency and save on potential margin offsets with CME Bitcoin futures. Learn more
  3. Get live charts for BTCF1 price, volume, open interest, spread, basis, funding rate, and historical stats on CME Bitcoin Futures futures derivatives exchange
  4. According to CryptoCompare's February 2021 Exchange Review, CME's bitcoin futures trading volume increased by 16.9% to $58.6 billion. The trading platform's average open interest for BTC futures increased by 23% to $2.5 billion last month, while its ETH futures open interest averaged $61.2 million
  5. CME Group; Contract / Type Symbol Price Premium Volume Open Interest (last) (index) (nom) (%) (a%) (USD) (USD) Apr 2021: C: BTJ21: $61,980: $61,287: $693: 1.131%: 29.0873%: 2,051,847,900: 1,953,299,700: May 2021: C: BTK21: $62,380: $61,287: $1,093: 1.783%: 15.4292%: 318,449,900: 602,278,900: Jun 2021: C: BTM21: $62,850: $61,287: $1,563: 2.550%: 13.2622%: 77,619,750: 280,939,500: Jul 2021: C: BTN21: $63,295: $61,287: $2,008: 3.276
  6. CME Group Bitcoin futures open interest currently stand at $2.90 billion. The derivatives exchange set its all-time high volumes earlier in February - registering $5 billion in daily volumes a day before BTC officially broke the trillion-dollar market cap barrier
  7. CME Globex CME ClearPort Open Outcry Open Interest; 16 Apr 2021: 14262875: 448816: 481160: 102877134: 15 Apr 2021: 18350554: 591805: 798133: 105262388: 14 Apr 2021: 16172866: 809010: 278069: 104903410: 13 Apr 2021: 16645115: 513823: 1088979: 104380143: 12 Apr 2021: 12821970: 368128: 218279: 103506735: 09 Apr 2021: 15569599: 448049: 787520: 103251494: 08 Apr 2021: 13845724: 556648: 767689: 103478795: 07 Apr 2021: 1488518

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CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Spikes. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) opened its Bitcoin Futures platform in late 2017. It's a regulated establishment that allows contracts to be settled against the USD. Since 2017, it has enjoyed steady volume flows. With the start of this year, though, following Bitcoin's price surge, the volume has been continuously increasing. Earlier this week, CME. Institutional interest in the derivatives space, which began heating up in the fourth quarter of 2019, surged in the first six weeks of this year. For instance, daily trading volume for bitcoin.. CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Soars Leading derivatives marketplace CME Group has seen a massive increase in the number of Bitcoin Futures contracts, fueled by the latest price rally. Yesterday, April 4th, CME traded upwards of $563 million worth of Bitcoin futures contracts CME Bitcoin Futures Volume and Open Interest | Source: skew In terms of the number of contracts traded, that figure stood at 3,029, each contract representing 5 Bitcoins. The drop in volume was coupled with a simultaneous drop in Open Interest , as traders began closing out positions The report also added that price studies often show that futures markets lead most of the time, but that does not mean that their conclusions about CME Bitcoin futures are absolute. According to the report, CME Group, a leading derivatives trading platform, trades $ 5.15 trillion per day in its many markets. According to Nasdaq data, this figure is compared to the daily volume of 430 billion dollars seen in the US stock market

CME Bitcoin Futures Open Interest (Source) Surprisingly, the high in the OI and volume seems to perfectly coinciding with the local tops on Bitcoin. On 26th June 2019 and February 14th 2020, it marked highs with a OI of $392 million and $329 million, respectively. Bitcoin Futures Daily Chart on CME (TradingView On 20 February, the CME Futures volume fell to $211 million and marked the end of the week on 21 February with a volume of $118 million, whereas the Open Interest recorded a minor dip and recovery on Friday. A similar trend was observed in Bakkt's Bitcoin Futures market, with its Open Interest marking an all-time high on 14 February at $19 million. Despite the rising interest, however, the Bakkt platform did not register much volume as it was recorded to be just $33 million, a figure that.

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  1. The result is Bitcoin (BTC) has surged a massive 30% in just over a week's time. as per data by on-chain analytics platform Skew Analytics, the CME Bitcoin Futures registered a record $5 billion trading volume on Tuesday, February 17
  2. Institutional investors are paying attention to this as the bitcoin future contracts get snapped up at an ever-increasing rate. Record of BTC Contract Size on CME: As per the stats of CME they were 18,338 on Wednesday, which is the highest figure ever recorded till now. This is equivalent to 91,690 Bitcoins or roughly $365 million at today's.
  3. Bitcoin futures trading volume has fallen significantly since peaking in the summer. The latest numbers from December 2018 show the lowest volumes since the products were launched in December 2017. What's more, the vast majority of that volume has been through CME
  4. er reward halving - and has been on a declining trend ever since
  5. As investors speculate when Bitcoin will bottom and reverse course, a recently released CME report shows Bitcoin Futures daily trading volume up 41% over Q3. Bitcoin Futures Volume Rises Sharply The bear market is still a reality, but investors are steadily making moves behind the curtain
  6. a seit der Markteinführung der Produkte im Dezember 2017. Darüber hinaus hat der überwiegende Teil dieses Volumens über CME stattgefunden. Während die Märkte von CBOE und.

Data from the analytics resource Skew revealed that the Bitcoin futures volume skyrocketed to a new all-time high yesterday of $2.7 billion. As such, it surpassed the previous record marked in late December of slightly over $2.5 billion. BTC Futures Trading Volume On CME. Source: Skew. Such a high trading volume could be expected to some extent when analyzing yesterday's price developments. CME bitcoin futures volume multiplied by 5, as each contract is 5 bitcoin. Days when the exchange are closed shows no volume. Open-source script. In true TradingView spirit, the author of this script has published it open-source, so traders can understand and verify it. Cheers to the author! You may use it for free, but reuse of this code in a publication is governed by House Rules. You can. Der Markt für CME Bitcoin-Futures schrumpft auf den niedrigsten Stand seit vier Monaten, mit Volumina, die etwa 50 Prozent unter den Spitzenwerten im Juli lagen. Das Verhalten des Terminmarktes wurde als Indikator für eine Abschwächung der Performance von Bitcoin angesehen. Bitcoin Futures auf einem niedrigen Niveau. Der Terminmarkt verzeichnete das niedrigste Volumen seit vier Monaten, als. See how the trade volume of Bitcoin futures has developed on CME. Based on the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR Volume refers to the number of contracts traded in a given period and open interest denotes the number of active contracts. Historically, increases in volume and open interest on CME Bitcoin futures has been a bullish indicator for Bitcoin price. The last time Volume and Open interest spiked to these levels was at the beginning of the May and June 2019 Bitcoin rallies (as illustrated in Figure 3). It indicates accelerating institutional investment in Bitcoin and appeared to be a major.

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  1. CME: bitcoin futures showing strong volumes in May By Marco Cavicchioli - 8 Jun 2020 In May, the trading volumes of the CME's bitcoin futures were strong. There was no new record, but they were significantly higher than in March or April
  2. Bitcoin (BTC) futures offered by Chicago-based CME Group has had seven sessions with more than $500 mln in trading volume, according to cryptocurrency data provider Skew. This revived interest in trading BTC futures coincided with the leading coin rallying above the make-it-or-break-it $9,000 level
  3. CME bitcoin futures volume multiplied by 5, as each contract is 5 bitcoin . Days when the exchange are closed shows no volume
  4. Bitcoin Futures volume on CME at $445 million after major dip March 11, 2020 Bitcoin Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange [CME] were draining in terms of volume and Open Interest [OI], until recently
  5. According to data from Skew - a reputable monitoring resource, at the start of this week, CME's Bitcoin Futures trading recorded roughly $1.1 billion daily basis volume, and this is the third time in CME's history that it surpassed the $1 billion mark
  6. Binance is leading among the set of crypto exchanges with $2.93 billion in Bitcoin futures open interest. It is followed by CME ($2.58 billion), OKEx ($2.45 billion), and Huobi ($1.86 billion). At the same time, the funding rate of perpetual Bitcoin futures is trending down and has reached its lowest levels in nearly a month, Glassnode added
  7. Cme Bitcoin Futures Volume Hits Record High As S Rebound Bloomberg Bitcoin Extends Rally As Trading Volume For Cme Futures Three Week High Coindesk The Cme Recorded An All Time Record Volume Of Its 5 Lot Btc Futures Yesterday Market Rebellion Cme Bitcoin Futures 141 Volume Increase In November 7bitcoin

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In the traditional financial markets, there are two major issuers of bitcoin futures contracts in particular: CME Group and Bakkt. The ones with the largest market, i.e. the largest trading volumes, are certainly those of the CME Group , which are traded on the world's largest derivatives exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Since the global market panic began, there has been a significant decrease in the volume on CME's Bitcoin Futures platform. This drop in value comes at a time where most investors, in most areas, are fearful of how the markets will react to the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus

CME's Bitcoin Futures Volumes Spike And Go Up By 263% As April Market Rallies. The Bitcoin bull market is here, there is simply no way to deny that. As the price of Bitcoin went up last month, so were the volumes of trading because no one wanted to be left out of the bull run and the market was basically revived last month CME launched its new Bitcoin futures options product earlier this month. Its release came a few days after its competitor, FTX , did the same. The company considered the options successful as volumes rose to 275 BTC by day two In a tweet published on Monday (May 13, 2019), CME reported a Bitcoin futures trading volume of 33,700 contracts which corresponds to 168,000 BTC ($1.35 billion). This figure represents a massive increase from the previous record of 112,700 BTC ($909.2 million) reported back in April 2019 This week saw the highest ever volume for Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as volume exceeded 18,000 Leading Real-Time Data Analytics for Bitcoin and Ether Derivatives: Spot, Futures and Options

CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Spikes. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) opened its Bitcoin Futures platform in late 2017. It's a regulated establishment that allows contracts to be settled against the USD. Since 2017, it has enjoyed steady volume flows. With the start of this year, though, following Bitcoin's price surge, the volume has been continuously increasing. Earlier this week, CME. Since the beginning of 2020, a total of 8,560 CME bitcoin futures contracts, equivalent to about 42,800 bitcoins, have traded on average per day, the CME said in a statement. Institutional interest.. CME Bitcoin Futures - Total Open Interest/Volumes (U.S. dollars) 26-10-2019-26-10-2020 Source: skew.com Leap year for Open Interest According to these data, CME's share of Bitcoin futures open interest—contracts opened but not yet traded (as distinct from historical trading volume)—has grown from around $460m to $784m, or about 70% over a year When CME opened bitcoin futures trading a week later, bitcoin hit its all-time price high of over $20k USD. Although, as we all know, this didn't last. Then Came the Bears. The price of bitcoin dipped steadily over the first few months of 2018. As it plummeted, news outlets started to speculate over whether the introduction of bitcoin futures had done more harm than good. The WSJ released an. In a liquidity report, CME Group has revealed that last month was the most successful for its bitcoin futures product since its launch in 2017. The report shows new highs in both average daily volume and open interest in May. Within the month, the average daily volume finished at more than 13,600 contracts, or $515 million in notional USD-traded value

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The trading volume of Bitcoin Futures on CME groups is more than the combined spot trading cryptocurrency exchanges. TradeBlock explains in a tweet: This suggests a rise in crypto institutional traders relative to retail traders, All these reports show that institutional investors are interested in Bitcoin and will push the price to a new high. Also Read: Fake Trezor Crypto Wallet App. According to CME's Bitcoin futures contract, 1 BTC contract equals 5 BTC, so this amounts to 91,690 BTC which at $4k per Bitcoin rate means $3.7 million. This significant surge is supported by the increasing bitcoin trading volume and the rise in Bitcoin price that is attracting the interest of institutional investors

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CME Tops OKEX Bitcoin Futures Contracts In Volume At $1.16 Billion Posted 4 months ago | by Catoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin derivatives trading is becoming more popular as institutional investors flood the market with their capital and no better sign of that is that the CME Group has taken over the Bitcoin Future's market once held by OkEx 2019 saw significant bitcoin derivatives action from firms like CME Group and Bakkt. This year, demand for CME's bitcoin futures remains strong and the firm's options products may be available. Ethereum CME futures launched on Monday, joining Bitcoin on the world's oldest and largest futures exchange platform. ETH futures saw more than $30 million in trading volume on the first day on the market. CME futures may elevate ETH's status as an institutional-grade asset. Ethereum

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  1. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME, has recorded significant volume for its Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading product over the course of the last 12 months. More than 2.2+ million contracts were traded in 2020, a CME representative told Cointelegraph. Each cash-settled Bitcoin futures contract at the CME is worth the dollar value of 5.
  2. CME Bitcoin Futures - High OI and Higher Volume. Source: Skew. As illustrated by the attached chart, CME Futures volume recorded its all-time high in the last 24 hours, with the figures for the same close to $2.7 billion. The daily average volume, at the time of writing, was well above $700 million. Additionally, the Open Interest registered a new high as well. $1.8 billion in OI was.
  3. Bitcoin futures got a muted reception after their debut on CME Group late on Sunday, with volumes in the tens of millions of dollars in the first 12 hours of trading, as warnings about the risks.
  4. The CME Bitcoin futures volume presented a one-month milestone as Bitcoin continues to ramp up for higher resistance, signaling a golden cross. Yesterday, CME bitcoin futures volume attained a new height, a level it did not reach in the last one month, tracking platform Skew relates. Skew illustrated in a graph that the Bitcoin futures reached a daily volume of $500 million yesterday. Having.
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Volumes for CME's Bitcoin futures options will reach 2,392 BTC ($22.7 million) on June 20, 2020; CME is one of just a few traditional markets that offers Bitcoin futures and Bitcoin futures options; Deribit, however, remains the largest Bitcoin futures platform with over $1 billion in notional volume Share this article. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME, has seen the volume of its. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is one of the main American futures markets. In addition to conventional financial products, the CME offers Bitcoin derivatives, such as options or futures. Following the halving of the top cryptocurrency, bitcoin, the volumes recorded by the platform exploded. The halving effect. After the launch of their Bitcoin options in January 2020, the sauce is. Since the launch of the bitcoin futures contract in December 2017, open interest and average daily volume has continued to increase, displaying the robust and growing demand for bitcoin exposure among institutions. Source. Year-to-date, 13,800 CME bitcoin futures contracts, equivalent to about 69,000 bitcoin, have traded on average each day, according to the micro futures announcement. The. The volume of Bitcoin Futures Options on Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has grown from 91 BTC worth $860,000 to 2400 BTC worth $23 million. In just two months the volume of Bitcoin Futures Options has increased 25 times. Conditions Required To Trade Bitcoin Future Contract Bitcoin Futures Volume Breaks Records on CME | Published June 14, 2019 By Robert Johnson. Chicago Mercantile Exchange smashed records recently with its Bitcoin futures in both volume and open interest. In a new report, CME group reveals that in May, the firm showed massive growth with 223 new trading accounts. This makes is the most successful month for Bitcoin futures product since launching.

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The open interest in CME Group Bitcoin futures is reportedly $2.90 billion. The futures exchange set an all-time record volume earlier this month, reporting $5 billion in daily volumes a day before Bitcoin formally broke the trillion-dollar market cap barrier. 230 Interactions, 4 today. READ ALSO: What does the Bitcoin Fear And Greed Index mean? CNNMoney created the fear and greed index to. CME Group saw a spike in Bitcoin futures trading activity last Thursday as daily volumes continue to rise on the Chicago exchange and its rival Cboe. The exchanges both topped their average daily volumes (ADV) the day after Independence Day, with CME logging a high of 6,739 and Cboe registering 6,121 trades CME vs Cboe Bitcoin Futures Notional Trading Volume. Cboe launched Bitcoin futures trading on 10 December 2017 and CME followed suit a day later. As you can see, in that month, the trading volume on Cboe was slightly ahead of CME; however, in 2018, Cboe lost significant market share to the CME. Bitcoin Spot Trading Volume Across the Five. Moreover, bitcoin traders were concerned about a gap on the CME Group futures chart between $11,450 and $11,600. However, after Sunday's 10.9% slide in BTC value , the bitcoin futures gap on CME.

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Der Konkurrent CME hatte deutlich mehr Handelsvolumen für seine Futures generieren können. Am 10. Dezember 2017 leistete die Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Pionierarbeit: Als erster regulierter Handelsplatz in den USA führte sie Bitcoin (BTC)-Terminkontrakte (Futures) ein CME Bitcoin futures options outperform Bakkt with over $ 2 million in volume. Jose A Hernandez Marquez Send an email 15 January 2020. 1 208 2 reading minutes. The CME Group joined Bakkt and FTX and launched the Bitcoin futures options. The Group announced this on its website when it started operations. Bitcoin futures options trading is now live on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange - CME. The. BTC futures volume by exchange. Source: Digital Assets Data. It is possible that CME Bitcoin futures open interest has been recovering after the September monthly expiration. Every monthly CME futures contract expires on the last friday of every month. Since the futures market resets after every expiration, open interest drops with it in tandem

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CME's impact on Bitcoin. CME Group's Bitcoin futures contracts were hailed as the bridge between institutional and retail investors. Growing volumes support this narrative. The CME saw a 132 percent increase in average contracts traded per day relative to last year, a sign of interest from Wall Street Die Spezifikationen der Micro Bitcoin Futures. Quelle: CME. Aktuell handeln Trader pro Tag im Schnitt 13,800 CME Bitcoin Futures Contracts auf der Börse; das entspricht einem Gegenwert von etwa 69.000 BTC beziehungsweise 4 Milliarden US-Dollar. Mit dem Schritt trägt die CME dazu bei, den institutionellen Finanzsektor weiter auf BTC zu polen. Mit dem stetigen Ausbau der Handelsoptionen gibt. Bitcoin has reached record volumes on Wall Street's CME where $1.4 billion worth of 125,000 bitcoin contracts exchanged hands this Monday. As of 5PM London time today, 60,000 bitcoins exchanged hands worth $700 million in trading volumes. For the first time that we can recall, these volumes have been reached while bitcoin's price has been rising even on the futures expiry day which was.

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In a liquidity report, CME Group has revealed that last month was the most successful for its bitcoin futures product since its launch in 2017. The report shows new highs in both average daily volume and open interest in May. Within the month, the average daily volume finished at more than 13,600 contracts, or $515 million in notional USD-traded value. This number was up 36 percent since April, and 250 percent year over year The latest rally of Bitcoin's price has caused the volume of CME Bitcoin futures contracts to surge, trading upwards of $683 million. This marks an increase of around 950 percent since the beginning of the month CME's Bitcoin Futures Break Records With $1 Billion in Notional Volume. Advertisment. The world's largest options and futures exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade (CME Group) and its bitcoin futures contracts saw an all-time high on May 13 Trotz erfolgreicher Kraftakte der CME Group und der Bitcoin-Optionen von Bakkt geht der Großteil des Volumens nach wie vor über Deribit. Damit wird die Befürchtung zerquetscht, dass die neuen Angebote in direkter Konkurrenz zu dem europäischen Unternehmen stehen, und es wird deutlich, dass nicht-institutionelle Investoren offenbar nicht regulierte Börsen bevorzugen

Trading on CME also concurred with that of CBOE, as it too saw a surplus of 11,000 bitcoin futures contracts getting traded, which was more than double of the trading volume of Tuesday. Bitcoin was.. The All Futures page lists all open contracts for the commodity you've selected. Intraday futures prices are delayed 10 minutes, per exchange rules, and are listed in CST. Overnight (Globex) prices are shown on the page through to 7pm CST, after which time it will list only trading activity for the next day. Once the markets have closed, the Last Price will show an 's' after the price, indicating the price has settled for the day. The page will always show prices from the latest session of. According to CME, there is a 41% jump in average daily trading volumes over the previous quarter. As per the data provided by CME, the average daily volumes for Bitcoin futures hit 5053 contracts in Q3 2018, a considerable jump from 3577 contracts from the Q2 2018. In comparison to Q1 2018, which saw average daily trading volumes at 1854 contracts, this is a 170 percent jump in Q3

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Yesterday CME Bitcoin futures set a new record with 18,338 contracts traded, which is equivalent to 91,690 bitcoin or $360mil. Increased volumes may be due to gradually rising institutional interest Who says institutions are not coming? They're coming for our Bitcoin! — Eugene Ng ⚡️ (@Eug_Ng) February 21, 2019. The CME note would confirm this, as a company representative. The volume of gold is $61 billion monthly on CME compared to the $145 million of Bitcoin futures volume. It is unimaginable what could be the effect on bitcoin markets if the volume of bitcoin futures grows to $61 billion. The problem is that those paper products are setting the price of these assets In terms of size, open interest for CME Bitcoin futures hit a new all-time high on 5 May 2020 of just under $500 million. It comes as no surprise that prominent American hedge funds are becoming increasingly interested in Bitcoin Futures given the growth of the asset in the past few years. This is perpetuated even further due to the. CME's Bitcoin futures facilitated over 11 million BTC in volume last year The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME, has recorded significant volume for its Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading product over.. Each cash-settled Bitcoin futures contract at the CME is worth the dollar value of 5 Bitcoin. The trading hub recorded higher than normal numbers as Bitcoin's price heated up in December 2020 following a break of its 2017 all-time price high of $19,892 on Dec. 1. BTC average daily volume (ADV) reached 11,179 contracts (55.9K equivalent bitcoin) in December, up 114% YoY [year over year], the CME representative said

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According to data from Skew crypto analytical platform, the CME Bitcoin Futures reached its year-to-date peak yesterday, with its most active session of the year. CME Bitcoin future spiked up, with an attempt to close in on $1.5 billion daily volume for the first time this year Bakkt, CME Notes Monster Trading Volume in Bitcoin Futures Contract. By. Ibiam Wayas - July 28, 2020. The recent Bitcoin rally from $9,300 to over $11,000 arguably spurred an increase in trading volumes across different platforms offering Spot and Bitcoin Futures contracts. Most precisely, Bakkt recorded a significant increase in the contracts traded in the last 24 hours. Other Spot exchanges. From the data released by CME, the average daily volume of bitcoin futures went up from 1,854 in the first quarter of the year to 3,577 in the second quarter. In the same vein, the rate of open interest (IO) grew from 1,523 in the first quarter to 2,405 in the second, representing an increase of 58 percent Bitcoin futures and options offered by Chicago-headquartered CME Group have recorded a 117 percent increase in average daily volume (ADV) since December 2019, according to a full-year report shared on Jan. 5. These cryptocurrency products are seeing faster growth than e-micro gold futures, silver futures and even SOFR futures Bitcoin Futures Trading Volume at the CME Surpasses Volume at the Cboe. We tracked notional bitcoin futures trading volume at both the CME and Cboe since December of 2017. While both firms launched competing products, in the same month over the course of 2018, the Cboe lost significant market share to the CME. In the chart below, we diagram notional trading volume comparison between the CME.

CME BTC futures volumes reached the lowest point in four months, getting 50% below than peak activity in July as we reported in the previous altcoin news. The futures market behavior was seen as an indicator for the weakening bitcoin performance Get CME Bitcoin Futures total trading volume, trading fees, pair list, fee structure, and other cryptocurrency exchange info. The daily options trading volume on the CME also saw exponential gains, increasing to new all-time highs. On Monday, the CME's options trading volume hit a record of $17 million only to nearly double to $30 million the following day Bitcoin futures market data. Bitcoin futures trading volumes ATH, May 2019. More than 33,000 futures contracts, symbolizing 5 bitcoin each, exchanged hands yesterday on CME, one of the world's biggest traditional exchange. That makes it circa 170,000 bitcoin equivalent buys and sells were performed, with it all fiat settled to the tune of $1.4 billion for just yesterday. That's while bitcoin rose by another $1,000. Bitcoin Futures Trading Volume Slips to 3-Month Low on CME. Bitcoin Futures Trading Volume Slips to 3-Month Low on CME. TRENDING. 1. GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia stocks hesitant as bonds boosted by Turkish.

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If daily Bitcoin Futures volume were to consistently fall below $400M, the cryptocurrency's price may drop to the $8400-level. Some analysts have argued that CME Bitcoin futures are not physically settled, unlike Bakkt. However, it is important to highlight that despite trading financially-settled BTC Futures, volume corresponds to the sentiment of institutions and retail traders. To counter. The trade volume in futures has remained largely range-bound just as the price, however, this signals that Bitcoin may be due for a correction. After closing January, the asset crossed $36000 for the first time in weeks and this was perceived as a positive signal for Bitcoin's price rally Bitcoin-Futures CME Chart mit aktuellem BMC-Kurs, Nachrichten, Analysetools und Analystenempfehlungen auf einen Blick The CME Group has announced that Bitcoin futures trading volume is up by 93%, when compared to 2018's first quarter

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CME Group Bitcoin futures (BTC) experienced record trading volume last week likely triggered by a mystery order to buy $100 million worth of the coin. News of this colossal order prompted a massive wave of new traders to jump onboard. While only 2,000 contracts were traded on April 1st, volume jumped to 20,000 contracts traded on April 4th. The previous daily volume high had been 18,000. The listing of CME bitcoin futures coincided with all-time highs in bitcoin prices, and researchers at the San Francisco Fed suggested that, by providing a market where bearish positions could be more readily expressed, the listing of these futures contributed to the reversal of bitcoin price dynamics [] In a similar vein, it may be that this week's listing of Ethereum futures contracts will be followed by negative price dynamics by enabling some holders of physical Ethereum to hedge. Competitor CME has its own Bitcoin futures product, with 1 Cboe contract equal to 1 Bitcoin (BTC) and 1 CME contract equal to 5 BTC, it simply goes to show that CME has a more competitive and. On July 17th, CME Bitcoin futures daily trading volume plunged to a value of $87 million accruing from 1,895 contracts to mark lows last recorded mid-April, when the volume was at $77 million. This is a huge decline from the highs of $914 million set on May 11, the day Bitcoin had its third halving. This decline was also seen in the aggregate daily trading volume which dived from $36 billion.

CME and Bakkt See Trading Volume Spike. Both Bakkt and CME are seeing a drastic increase in trading volume for their Bitcoin futures markets. Both are showing the largest volume increases since March 16, coincidentally. As skew (@skewdotcom) reported recently, the strong showing may be indicating a return of investor interest in Bitcoin after a temporary lull Bitcoin futures trading volume has fallen significantly since peaking in the summer. The latest numbers from December 2018 show the lowest volumes since the products were launched in December 2017. What's more, the vast majority of that volume has been through CME. Whilst the two markets were initially neck-and-neck, the gap between them has steadily widened since February 2018

The CME Bitcoin Futures options are ready to set a new trading volume record. On June 20, the volumes are expected to reach $22.65 million, equal to 2,392 BTC at current prices. This comes after the record volume registered in May with 1,496 BTC handled by traders using the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) CME has bitcoin futures, but so far volume has been minimal. The CME's 2020Q3 earnings presentation didn't even mention bitcoin. CBOE had also offered bitcoin futures, but gave up on them. CME is. This Friday, the CME Bitcoin futures expire. To remind, this key event has often acted as a short-term price indicator of Bitcoin. All we can do is wait for the BTC futures to expire and see which side the price settles on. In early December, we covered the launch of Bakkt's Bitcoin Cash Settled Futures in spite of a lot of critique The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading volume sets a new record and is attracting attention as a clear indication of institutional investors' interest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin transaction volume achieved an average of 7,237 trades per day, a 132% increase over the past year (YTD). Institutional investors are heavily involved in bitcoin futures trading from May to June. CME Group, the operator of the world's largest futures exchange, launched its bitcoin futures product on December 18, 2017. Last year, the total value of the crytocurrency market surged more.

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The sudden resurgence in Bitcoin prices this month is also providing a boost for the futures market, with CME Group Inc. contract trading volumes for the largest cryptocurrency hitting a record high CME kündigt Micro Bitcoin-Futures für Mai an, Kurs steigt auf 59.000 USD By Reynaldo März 30, 2021 Keine Kommentare. Source: Lukasz Stefanski - Shutterstock. Die Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) hat ein neues Bitcoin-basiertes Finanzderivat angekündigt. Seit seiner Einführung im Jahr 2017 wurden an der CME im Tagesdurchschnitt mehr als 69.000 BTC auf über 13.800 Kontrakte gehandelt. Die. This increase in volume has been good news for Bakkt, but when its volume is compared to CME's, the derivatives company's performance is not considered to be that good. On September 15, CME recorded the trading volume of Bitcoin Futures which reached above $262 million CME introduced bitcoin (BTC) futures trading in December 2017, when BTC reached USD 20,000 and crashed soon after. BTC average daily volume reached 11,179 contracts (55.9K equivalent bitcoin) in December, up 114% YoY, according to CME On April 2, 2020, Futures linked to the bitcoin market experienced a spike in BTC trading volumes as its price spot rate broke above $7,000. Cryptocurrency statistics analyst Skew highlighted in a Friday Tweet that trading activity on CME's and Bakkt's BTC derivatives platforms surged by approximately $595M and $27M, respectively. The move uphill left CME's open interest as high as $217M. After Bitcoin futures on the ICE Bakkt platform surged by almost 800% in a day, reports emerged that it is seeking to jump ahead of the CME group to release a Bitcoin options contract

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